Pilot Projects

This strategy outlines a series of pilot projects to meet goals of Data, Mobility and Infrastructure as a Service. The scale of the city makes it difficult to realize the cumulative impacts of these innovations without a focused approach. This transportation technology strategy recommends three ways to organize future pilots:



  • Customer Groups
  • Mode Types

Data as a Service

These pilots are opportunities to move LADOT towards Data as a Service by giving the staff experience in managing and optimizing data-sharing partnerships, exploring the value of analytics, and testing new tools.

  • Analyze crowdsourced data for roadway design impacts on congestion.
  • Test customer feedback tools on public services.
  • Develop an online project dashboard for this strategy.
  • Deploy connected infrastructure in the Promise Zones.
  • Experiment with parking inventory technologies.*
  • A data standard and API specification for mobility as a service providers.*

Mobility as a Service

While many elements to deploy a true Mobility as a Service model in the region are beyond LADOT's jurisdiction, these pilots can demonstrate how more shared mobility, better connectivity, and improved interoperability between modes can shift travel behaviors for Angelenos.

  • Launch mobility hubs to integrate + connect modes.*
  • Pilot on-demand transit.
  • Expand shared services to low-income neighborhoods citywide.
  • Test smart fares.

Infrastructure as a Service

Since full-scale implementation of this model is contingent on state legislation and requires standardization, these pilots introduce interim ways to deploy technologies to respond more efficiently to changing infrastructure demand while testing public appetite for new approaches.

  • Deploy temporary car-free zones across the city.
  • Test assumptions about roadway capacity + utilization.
  • Identify new infrastructure assessment tools.
  • Launch an AV pilot.
  • Pilot an AV network on city streets + incentivize sharing.

* Action already planned or underway.