3 Ways To Beat the Heat

3 Ways To Beat the Heat

The heat is a formidable force that is not to be underestimated. One moment, you might’ve been caught up in a nice, blissful season of easy smiles where you were able to enjoy your existence outside without having to be bogged down by a state of constant sweatiness. Then boom. Suddenly, you’re thrown into a sunlit world of shimmering insanity where you find your brain most often occupied by internal pleas of “stay as cool as possible.” At times, it can feel like a task that’s easier said than done. The good news is that we’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up a quick and highly effective guide of ways that you can beat the heat.

1. Outfit your wardrobe with heat-friendly clothing.

You might’ve already gotten caught up in stubborn fits of self-destructive complacency where you can’t motivate yourself to make those proper investments in your wardrobe. Well, enough is enough. At one point or another, you need to invest in smart clothing for the days when you’re bound to break a sweat, even if you’re standing in the shade. You should definitely look into picking up some fresh and flashy new Bralettes. With numerous lightweight options and vibrant colors, you’ll wonder why you held out on getting a Bralette for so long in the first place.

2. Relax beneath a floating pool shade.

You’re not alone if you’ve fallen prey to those days when the sun was smiling down on you with its dangerously inviting, fiery gaze while you hung around for too long because the pool kept you cool. Skin cancer claims live every day. The sun might feel great, but you don’t want to heighten your risk for developing a life-threatening skin disease because you weren’t adequately protected. That’s when you look for a floating shade for pool. The floating shade is pleasantly portable and easy to break down, and it consists of a fabric that can shield you from the sun’s volatile UV rays.

3. Try out a cold shower routine.

One of the keys to keeping cool when the hot days show up on your doorstep is to keep your core body temperature as low as possible. While a general strategy like drinking cold drinks is great for keeping your body temperature in the happy place, you can also try out cold showers. A cold shower will do more for your body than cool it down. You’ll also be able to reap benefits like sharper focus, an elevated mood, and even the release of powerful chemicals in your body like norepinephrine. This particular chemical release has been linked to helping people that are dealing with depression and anxiety.

With that, we’ve covered a few helpful ways that you can effectively navigate those unforgivingly hot days. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the heat when it arrives. You probably muddled through a steady procession of dark and bone-chillingly cold winter days where the skies were grey and the sun itself felt like nothing more than a hazy memory. Don’t let all of that patient waiting give way to a state of suffering where you go from being able to enjoy the heat to just wishing it away.

You’re already on the right path just by reading up on these strategies. Now, you need to put the tips into practice. While something like a cold shower might not sound like the most uplifting of ideas, it’s worth a shot. People are clearly on board the hype train for one reason or another. Plus, there’s always a hot cup of tea on the other side of the experience if it’s too much.