4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Luxurious

4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Luxurious

Most people are spending more time than ever at home right now. If you are one of those people, why not give your house an upgrade? You don’t need to break the bank to transform your space into a place of luxury. With thoughtful accents and accessories, indoor plants, a vibrant outdoor garden, and a remodeled, modern bathroom, you’ll feel as though you’ve moved into a fancy new house. Here are a few ideas to help you get started with your luxurious home upgrade. Soon, you will never want to leave the house.

1. Upgrade your bathroom.


After a long day of work or a weekend of outdoor adventures, there are few things better than stepping under a rain shower or soaking in a sparkling clean tub. An old, yellowing tub or a shower with poor water pressure and an outdated showerhead just don’t offer the same appeal as an updated bathroom. If you need help with the remodel, look into hiring a professional company like Lux Bath Kohler showers, that can help you design and implement your bathroom upgrades. If there is a style of shower you’ve always dreamt of, whether it’s a walk-in shower or a double-headed shower, they can help you bring your dream bathroom to fruition complete with financial assistance.

Incorporate tiles and light colors, such as white and pale blues and greens, to create an elegant and soft atmosphere in your bathroom. Switch your showerhead to a rain shower and put tiles on the bathroom and shower wall. Install a new faucet to the sink, purchase fluffy, new towels, and you’ll feel as though you’re bathing in a five star hotel!

2. Landscape a magical garden.


Having a magical outdoor space is just as important as giving the interior of your home a facelift. Create a garden filled with greenery, plants, and flowers where you can inhale fresh air and listen to the sounds of nature. This space can be a haven where you retreat to find a sense of calm and relaxation. Add in climbing plants such as English ivy that can grow up a wall or trellis, which will add an elegant touch to your outdoor space. Include a gazebo, a swing, or a bench, which you can use to sit and read or write from. Fill the space with blooms like roses, dahlias, and sunflowers, or herbs, fruit trees, an abundance of green leaves, or any plant that provides shade, color, and character to your garden.

In order to clear a space to create your outdoor garden, you may need to hire a tree removal or service to take away stumps and other unwanted debris. Look into hiring a professional tree removal service in your local area, such as tree lopping Bribie Island, to help you clear your space and get it ready for your new landscaping and gardening visions.

3. Add thoughtful details and accents.

Accessories and details can make or break a home. Start with the foundation of the room and carefully choose neutral paint colors for the walls, add some texture, and maybe a pop of color on one wall, such as a deep green or golden yellow. In living spaces, add in details such as sheepskin or Persian rugs, natural woven baskets, carved mirrors, throw blankets, and plush pillows to tie together the room. Hang simple and thoughtful photography and artwork to add a splash of your personal style.

After you’ve reoriented and designed your home, there is one final touch that can really elevate the luxury game: indoor plants. Not only do houseplants look good by adding a taste of nature and color to your house, but they also breathe life into a space. Think of foliage that offers texture and thrives from indirect light. If you’re looking for indoor plants that are best for beginners, air plants and succulents are the perfect plants for you. To mix it up, you can also incorporate hanging plants indoor as well. Boston ferns are a great option for a low maintenance hanging plant that will brighten up your home instantly. The elegant string of pearls plant can also add a touch of character and green to your home.

4. Master the lighting.

Lighting makes all the difference in a home. Natural lighting is optimal, such as floor-to-ceiling windows and walls. While it may be more difficult to change the natural light in your home, you do have more control over altering the artificial light you use. Additional lighting also can entirely transform a room. Figure out how you will use the space and work from there. Do you want it to be bright for a reading room or an office, or to have softer lights for a dining room? Add in dimmers so you can control the mood you want throughout the course of the day, ranging from bright light to low light. Mix overhead lights with table and floor lamps, and even consider chandeliers for a charming and luxurious touch. By paying attention to small details such as these, your home will feel more relaxing and elegant than ever.