Benefits of Regular Fall Furnace Maintenance Every Year

Benefits of Regular Fall Furnace Maintenance Every Year

Before any long road trip, most drivers will get the oil changed in the vehicle and have it serviced to find any problems that need fixing. This is to ensure that everything is working properly, that all fluids are topped off, and that the car performs well on the road. When it comes to your furnace, you’ll want to treat it the same way. Depending on where you live, winter weather and freezing temperatures can require significant performance from your furnace. Before winter approaches and the demands of the cold weather stress your equipment, you’ll want to ensure that it is in working order. A fall furnace tune-up will get your furnace ready for the heating season.

Before the weather turns cold, fall is the best time to perform maintenance service on your furnace. Over the course of normal use, small cracks, minor leaks, and loose connections can develop. While these are not major issues, if left unresolved, they can turn into big problems. Fall maintenance is an opportunity for a professional technician to do a thorough check of your equipment and correct any minor issues. You will also have time to fix any other problems before winter weather arrives. Let’s take a look at the benefits of regular fall furnace maintenance.

Improved Efficiency


Seasonal fall maintenance can ensure that your system is running at peak efficiency. As discussed, normal wear and tear can lead to minor issues and fluid depletion. Dirt and dust can also build up over time and take a toll on your equipment. All of these issues can cause your system to work harder to heat your home. While your energy bills will vary based on your heating and cooling needs, if your furnace is inefficient, your energy costs will steadily increase. Regular maintenance on your heating system, however, can help to lower your energy costs by catching and resolving problems that impact efficiency.

Fewer Repairs and Problems


When your furnace or any other part of your HVAC system breaks down, it can require costly repairs. Routine maintenance can give you peace of mind and help you ensure that your furnace doesn’t leave you out in the cold this winter. Most small problems that develop due to normal use over time don’t cause major malfunctions. A lack of maintenance will allow these problems to go unresolved. Eventually, small problems can turn into large issues and lead to a complete system shutdown. Seasonal service will address any furnace health issues and prevent larger problems.

In addition to finding issues that could impact furnace performance, seasonal maintenance could also address safety problems. Blocked vents, a cracked heat exchanger, or dirty burners could cause serious problems. If left unchecked, these problems could create a fire hazard or lead to carbon monoxide leaks with serious health consequences. Regular maintenance can make sure that your furnace is both operable and safe.

Extended Service Life

On average, a furnace should last around 20 years. With regular maintenance and proper care, however, you can extend the life of your unit beyond the expected 20 years. Just like oil changes and regular service preserves your vehicle’s engine, routine maintenance can protect your furnace. Regular inspection, cleaning, lubrication, calibration, and repair will ensure that your furnace remains functional for many winter seasons.

Routine tune-ups and maintenance are required to ensure that your HVAC system performs throughout the varying demands of different seasons. The fall is the best time to have your furnace checked out to prepare for the coming heating season. Fall maintenance will ensure that your equipment is efficient and reliable throughout each winter.