How to Add Value to Your Colorado Home

How to Add Value to Your Colorado Home

Colorado has a competitive real estate market that’s full of different possibilities. Whether you’re looking at a historic preservation project or considering something closer to the mountains, it’s always good to know how to add more value to a property. Especially when you’re competing with other sellers and trying to help your property stick out, it’s important that you use land planning, garden design, and even landscaping to boost your curb appeal.

Whether you choose to work with some helpful planners or invest in some landscape design tools, homeowners need effective tools to grow their home investments. Here’s what you need to know if you want to boost the value of your Colorado home.

Invest in landscape architecture.


While not every house needs landscaping to stand out, landscape architecture can greatly boost your curb appeal. However, landscape design can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. So, whether you’re working with a Denver landscaper or project manager or you’re doing it yourself, you need to decide the scope of your landscape design project and forecast your costs accordingly. Since landscaping is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s value and curb appeal, you want to ensure that your cost-to-value ratio is favorable for your land planning needs.

Oftentimes, it even makes sense for you to hire a landscape architect to find key improvements and upgrades that you can make to raise your home’s value. For example, some projects require intensive design solutions, such as drainage ditches. While you can attempt a DIY trail project, patio design, or drainage ditch, working with a licensed landscape architect makes much more sense. When you’re trying to find a landscaper, you should use locationally relevant Google searches that can help you learn more about landscape architecture in Denver, Boulder, the Front Range, and beyond. They can also suggest landscaping that emphasizes urban design and civic-mindedness too.

Install new cabinet hardware.

If you’re not looking to work with a Denver landscaper, you may want to consider a smaller, more manageable project. Whether you’re going to modernize your kitchen a bit or you want to create a chic bathroom oasis, you can make some smaller home improvements that don’t require major upfront investments. You can touch up your cabinetry to instantly add some extra value to your home in many cases. At your average home goods store, you can find several options for cabinet hardware. This includes hinges, handles, and knobs. Some home goods stores even let you bulk order hardware to meet your project specifications which can help ensure that you have enough materials to complete the job.

Open up the space.


As it stands, many homeowners and prospective buyers prefer open-concept floor plans. Open-concept houses tend to sell for more money, and these homes are also more versatile. If you have the time and resources to tackle such a project, you might want to consider knocking down a few walls. While you need to take your time and plan your project to ensure you don’t damage a load-bearing wall, you should also find ways to open up your space. In addition, more buyers want houses that are close to being move-in ready. Open concept homes offer this added convenience and mean that buyers won’t have to handle the project themselves.

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home and want to invest in a Denver landscaper to help you boost your curb appeal, or you’re touching up your interiors to add to your home’s value, there are ways to improve your house. Colorado homeowners need to stay competitive in a busy market, and the added home improvements help.