How to Open a Brick-and-Mortar Clothing Store

How to Open a Brick-and-Mortar Clothing Store

Now that fashion is so easily accessible online and in bulk, many men and women are looking to smaller boutiques to curate their style. People want something that fits into the mainstream but still makes them feel special, which is an important service that brick and mortar clothing and accessory shops provide. A skirt isn’t just a skirt; it can be a statement. Look no further than Ginger Spice and her iconic Union Jack dress made out of a refashioned tea towel to understand the importance of unique clothes.

If you’ve been thinking of opening a brick and mortar clothing store, now is as a good a time as any. There are a lot of vacant storefronts due to the pandemic that you may be able to get a good deal on if the owner just wants a shop in that space. There’s also a need for unique pieces that make your customers stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips to help you open your brick-and-mortar clothing store.

Pick a location with foot traffic.


Your first priority—besides funding—should be picking a great location. One of the biggest ways that brick-and-mortar businesses acquire clients is simply by foot traffic. On weekends, people love to shop around their favorite brunch restaurants while they wait to be seated. After their meal, they enjoy lazing around with a coffee before going back home, especially in nice weather.

You want people to be able to just stumble upon your shop. If your store is only accessible by car, you’re likely not going to get anyone in your store that doesn’t already know that you’re there and has a specific need from you. Profit margins can be tight in your first few years, so set yourself up for success by picking a place that people can wander into. Just know you may have to pay a little more in rent.

Make your storefront stand out.

Once you’ve found the perfect location, it’s time to attract people to your store. You can accomplish this in a few ways. First of all, your window display should be fun, inviting, and reflective of the unique products you sell. Big stores, like Anthropologie, have designers whose whole job is to create stunning, eye-catching window displays. If displays aren’t your strong suit, see if a friend or a family member has a knack for it. If not, it might be worth the money to hire a designer for a one time job to set you up in the right direction.


Secondly, your store should be easy to spot in a row of brick-and-mortar stores. To draw attention away from neighbors‚Äîand maybe even competitors‚Äîput up a patterned awning to cover the patio or sidewalk in front of your building. When it’s hot or raining, the awning will attract people on foot due to the shade and protection the awning provides. In the car, people will wonder what’s inside the shop with the cute awning. Shop local in order to get the best price on your awnings by heading to Google and looking for options in your city. Googling “Columbus awning” or “Louisville awning” may seem simple, but it’s an effective way to find exceptional service and support a fellow local business.

Offer clothing perfect for capsule wardrobes.

Right now, a huge trend is the capsule wardrobe. The premise of the capsule wardrobe is that you only need a few pieces in your closet to have many complete looks. Much like travel clothing for women, these clothes are durable and sometimes more neutral, so they can go with almost everything. To provide your customers excellent service, have different styles of clothing that would appeal to different body types. Inclusivity can only help your business.