How to Prepare for a Move to the South

How to Prepare for a Move to the South

Life in the South moves at a slower pace. Southern homeowners believe in making the most of their property by ensuring a great place to sit around and chat with neighbors, escape the heat on a hot July day with a glass of sweet tea, or simply spend a Sunday relaxing from the pressures of the outside world. With such a welcoming atmosphere, it isn’t surprising that many people find themselves wanting to move down South and enjoy the luxuries of Southern living.

Like with any move, moving to the South takes preparation. No matter how badly you want to toss your life into a box and pack the car up, you can’t simply relocate in a day. These tips will help you prepare for a move to the South and give you the peace of mind you’re hoping for when making such a big decision.

Your first move is to pick a southern state suited to your needs.


If the South is where your heart is calling you, choosing the right state is a big decision. With everything the Southern states have to offer, this decision may not be the easiest to make. The beauty of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina may call your name. Then again, Florida and its temperate weather may be the state for you. Before any major decisions are made, the perfect state must be decided on.

Yes, the appeal of southern hospitality is undeniable, but keep in mind, life in the South comes with challenges as well. Home maintenance for Florida residents is one such issue. Life near the water can leave you needing to keep up with more home maintenance than you expected. With hurricane season and other weather issues, home repairs such as replacing shingles may be on your list of cons and leave you searching for a home in a different state. Look into everything each southern state has to offer before putting down roots in the South.

Take your time and find the perfect home for you and your family.


No matter your reason for relocating, whether it’s work-related or simply needing a change of pace, the right home is a must. Choosing a new home shouldn’t be rushed into. With all the considerations that go into purchasing a home, a homeowner needs to take time and write out a list of what they’re looking for in their new home.

Pricing, residential areas, outdoor storage options, and even where the local grocery store is located all play a role in choosing the right home. It’s also important to ensure the home you’re considering is in good condition. According to your financial situation, taking on a house in need of an upgrade may be what you’re looking for. If you’re hoping to avoid a home improvement project, then using the tips for moving to the South that you’ve compiled may help you find a better choice.

Work opportunities may differ in the South.


If you’re moving South and planning to find work, keep in mind, the opportunities may differ from what you’re used to. During your first week in your new area, you may find several job openings you’d never considered taking on. This is especially beneficial for homeowners who relocated for a change of pace. A new job may be the perfect chance to start over and welcome all the perks of living in a new area of the country.

With the cost of living being more affordable in the South, choosing the right job may be easier. Always have your credentials ready to go. When taking a meeting, remember to be professional and friendly. Many companies look at newcomers as an opportunity to shake things up around the office and may open their doors to your experience and fresh ideas easily. Always take the chance to showcase your talents when possible.

If the South is your next destination, keep these preparations in mind for your move. Being ready, organized, and optimistic will make taking on your new life as a Southerner easier. Don’t forget to make yourself a fan of sweet tea and lazy Saturday afternoons.