Moving to Arizona? Here are 6 Helpful Resources

Moving to Arizona? Here are 6 Helpful Resources

The low cost of living, the affordable housing market, and good school districts have made Arizona a magnet for people seeking a fresh start. If you’re considering a move to Arizona, here’s a quick guide to help you navigate everything from finding a place to stay to hiring the best utility companies.

1. Moving Companies


As you approach your moving date, contact local movers to compare prices and find one that’s within your budget. Once you’ve found a company you trust, get in touch with them to confirm their availability for your set moving date.

Additionally, make sure you have some cash on hand for tips. Working in the unforgiving Arizona heat is hard work, so to help your movers manage their tasks, have some snacks and refreshments for them on hand. Finally, if you appreciate the work the movers did, consider leaving a positive review on their website to let them know this.

If you’re looking for a quality moving service from a reputable Arizona moving company, try Muscular Moving Men, MMM. MMM is a Phoenix, AZ-based full-service moving company that facilitates both local and long-distance moves. Besides this, they also offer storage solutions, packing, and crating services for your belongings.

If you’re downsizing, decluttering, combining homes, or waiting to find a new home, you’ll need a storage unit. Understanding this, they offer self-storage vaults that can be packed at the customer’s house. These units are then safely transported and stored at their climate-controlled and secure storage facility in AZ. To book an appointment with these movers you can reach out via their website and one of their customer service executives professionals will contact you.

2. Rental Homes and Apartments


If you’re a homeowner experiencing a small gap between selling your current home and finding a new home, you may need a temporary rental residence. Arizona has a strong rental and homeowner’s market and real estate marketplaces like and Zillow can help you find local listings.

Local real estate housing experts like National Corporate Housing can also help you find exceptional rentals in the area. They have years of experience in offering housing solutions for people coming to Phoenix for short-term work assignments and permanent relocation, to mention a few. They’ll also help you find a flexible lease term to help make your relocation to Arizona hassle-free.

3. Contractors


If your new home needs some remodeling before you move in, it can be tempting to want to DIY some of these projects to save on costs. Even though you can easily watch a tutorial on “How to cut drywall,” for instance, cutting and installing a sheet of drywall is more complex than it seems. Drywall installation requires industry-grade power tools and applying professional techniques if you want a great job done. Also, the only way to avoid future structural and aesthetic problems on your new construction is by hiring a drywall contractor.

A great way to find a drywall contractor in Arizona is by visiting the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, AWCI, and the Better Business Bureau, BBB, online directories. If you don’t have any referrals or contractors in mind, industry associations like these can be a trusted resource.

4. Utility Service Providers


To make sure your utilities are set up on time, contact utility companies two weeks before the day you’re scheduled to move. This is important because different utility companies require different turnaround times. While your internet company can set you up within a short amount of time—three days or less—your gas and electricity providers may need a week or more to set up.

To guarantee quality work, make sure that your electrical needs, such as electrical repairs and electrical installation services, are tended to by a licensed professional. If you’re moving from Albuquerque to Sedona, for instance, and are having a hard time finding an electrician you trust, ask Albuquerque electricians you’ve worked with and whether they have affiliate electricians in the Sedona area. If not, ask if they know any reputable contractors or electricians that they can refer you to.

5. Daycare Services


Moving is a stressful time, and if you’re a new mom looking to go back to work, finding quality childcare for your child is one more thing you need to check off your to-do list. Luckily, this resource can help you find local daycare centers close to your new home.

6. Things to Do


Arizona has a ton of entertainment options that cater to thrill-seekers, partygoers, foodies, history buffs, and more. If you love music and good food, look out for the Summer Ends Music Festival, held in Tempe Beach Park. If you love the arts, the Festival of the Arts in Phoenix tends to have over 100 art vendors.

Arizona is famous for its beautiful landscapes, inviting weather, and robust economy. These attractions and more make it a great place to start a new life, and we trust your move to Arizona will be the beginning of a beautiful adventure.