Tips to Improve Your Display Vacation Rentals

Tips to Improve Your Display Vacation Rentals

Recently the trend of booking short-term vacation rentals has taken off. Social media platforms and sites such as Airbnb and VRBO have given rise to more vacation accommodation opportunities. Travelers can go online and quickly browse and book their vacation spots or last-minute getaways. However, with the rise in popularity of these vacation properties, the market has become a crowded space.

So what’s the secret to getting maximum exposure for your vacation home? Successfully marketing your property as a cozy, comfy, convenient spot will be the key. Your goal is to make people want to stay in your property above all others. With that in mind, there are a few things that you can do to boost the popularity of your rental property. Let’s take a look at some tips to improve your vacation rental.

Property Management


One of the easiest ways to promote and push your short-term vacation rental is to let someone else do it. Property management companies invest a lot of time and resources in marketing and promoting the properties they manage. They are the experts when it comes to travel, rentals, and destination details.

Vacation rental management companies usually go to great lengths to ensure that they are on top of the rental market. They don’t make money unless you make money, so they work hard to promote your property. While you may have to pay some fees and share a portion of your rental income with a rental company, you can be sure that they are working hard for you to get the rental calendar booked.



One of the biggest appeals of short-term rentals is that they are a home away from home. Unlike cookie-cutter hotel rooms, property owners have the opportunity to provide customers with the hospitality and comforts of home. That begins with designing a space that is warm and inviting. Choosing the right decor and furnishings for your rental will go a long way towards making your property feel welcoming.

Selecting a neutral color pallet with tasteful accessories can help bring class and charm to your property. Additionally, you want your rental property and listing to stand out. You can add some unique character by incorporating authentic décor. Try some enchanting paintings or prints that can elevate the style in your rental. Just don’t go too eccentric because you don’t want it to be off-putting.

Another easy way to bring warmth and class into your rental is by adding some plants. Small plants around the bedrooms and larger indoor plants in the common areas will make your property feel cozy and welcoming. A table plant on the dining room table can give your guest that home feeling while having a family dinner. Finally, a well-placed succulent on the coffee table or in the bathroom will add a finishing touch that will elevate your home.



In the world of vacation rentals, a picture really is worth a thousand words. You will want to provide prospective tenants with plenty of photos that say, “Welcome! Relax.” Since you have spent so much time sprucing up and decorating your rental property, you definitely want to show it off. You’ve done a lot of work, and you will want some high-quality photos to show it off.

Photo quality isn’t the only thing that travelers look for when booking a property. Photo quantity will also be the key to success. The goal is to present the highlights of your home from every angle possible. Research shows that travelers are more likely to engage your listing if you offer at least 20 photos. The more of your property you can show, the more likely travelers will see themselves staying there.

Improving how you display your vacation rental will lead to an improvement in your rental business. No matter if you have a condo, house, or apartment available as a short-term rental, you will want to leave a good impression when offering up your property. Adding some nice decor, taking plenty of photos, and enlisting the help of a professional property management company can all help boost your booked reservations.