Top Reasons to Invest in Your Home Before Selling

Top Reasons to Invest in Your Home Before Selling

Homes are one of the few continually appreciating assets one can have. Investing in your home is an excellent idea whether you’re going to stay in it now or for the foreseeable future. Investing smartly and wisely in your home is also a sure way of making a good profit when you finally decide to sell. However, selling a house isn’t always simple, as you need to consider several factors before putting your home up for sale. Here’re some of the top reasons to invest in your home before selling.

Raise your home’s value by installing a new roof.


One of the most important parts of the home is the roof. It provides the needed protection from the external environment and keeps the family safe. It’s also one of the most noticeable things about a home, which adds to the aesthetics. Having a good roof usually means having a safe home. Roofs are the final piece of the building jigsaw and a direct reflection of the property’s condition. In the world of real estate, new roofs are always better, and they’re estimated to increase a home’s value by 20% to 40%. Roofs that look old and run-down will affect the valuation of your home negatively.

Longevity, durability, and new technology are additional reasons to invest in a new roof. The longer your roof can last while looking good, the higher your chances of increasing the value of your home. Today’s asphalt shingles, which are of premium quality, offer guarantees of up to 50 years, compared to the 15 to 20 years they used to have previously. Also, new roofs that reduce property utility bills are available. Such roofs will keep the home cool on hot summer days and reduce your air conditioner usage as they can deflect the heat from the sun.

Installing a new roof is a solid investment, and it’s a smart choice to hire experts for the job. Simply do a Google search for “a roofer near me,” and you can get access to agencies such as All County Exteriors. With rave reviews from homeowners, All County Exteriors has provided quality roofing solutions to its clients for 35 years. They also give back to the community through various charitable organizations and have won several awards over the years as a testament to their work ethic.

Raise your home’s energy score with new windows.


Windows are the eyes of your home and just as the eyes may blur with age, so do windows. Therefore, they need replacing every about 10 to 15 years, or they may develop faults and make your home feel drafty. If your windows are old, it’s best to check and ensure they’re in good condition to perform simple core functions. If they fall short, this indicates that it’s time to either repair or replace them.

Replacing your windows is a good investment if you’re planning to sell, as it improves the internal comfort and outdoor aesthetics of your home. Modern windows provide energy efficiency, something that smart homes cannot do without. High-quality windows have a high “R” value, which refers to the window’s ability to resist heat flow and its thermal insulation ability. Windows that rank high in energy efficiency keeps the heat out of your home in summer while conserving the heat in your home during winter. This efficiency gain reduces utility bills for heat and air conditioning in the respective seasons.

The glass used in new modern windows is either double or triple-pane, making them more durable and protective against weather extremities. They also discourage break-ins and serve as a barrier to outside noise. Finally, they block out a higher percentage of ultraviolet rays from the sun and, as a result, reduce the fading of carpets and furniture.

For accurate window installation, always contact the professionals such as Traverse City window contractors from All Weather Seal. All-Weather Seal is a home improvement company in Michigan that is well-known for installing windows that are durable, and easy to clean and maintain. They offer a 360-degree experience from initial contact to the project’s completion and will check in regularly for updates on your installation.

Raise your home’s appeal by adding greenery.


Consider introducing plants into your living space. It’s great to have a lawn and some greenery on the outside but don’t just leave the indoors bare. Add some life and color to your home by including a wide selection of plants and flowers. These aren’t just lovely for their aesthetic and rustic appeal; they also help improve your quality of life. Additionally, they improve the oxygen content and its distribution and reduce the carbon dioxide in your home. Studies by NASA reveal that houseplants remove harmful toxins in the atmosphere. These studies indicate that up to 87% of air toxins can be adequately removed within 24 hours using houseplants.

Hanging plants also regulate humidity and can increase concentration and productivity levels by 15%. They help to improve your mood and provide a relaxing atmosphere as well. If you’re looking for houseplants, Lively Root offers a variety of “easy-care” pet-friendly plants. They also provide their customers with in-depth education on how to care for plants. You can also find many other eco-friendly products for your home.

Entice buyers by adding special touches.


The enforced COVID-19 lockdowns taught us all lessons, none more important than the fact that we should have the means to be entertained at home. What better way to excite potential buyers than to create a home theater if you have the space available. Having a mini-cinema at home usually involves a large smart television, great sound systems, and comfortable seating. If you need advice for creating a home theater, you can simply go online and find great insight from sites like Q Entertainment.

There’s nothing more secure than investing in your home. The real estate market is predicted to keep growing; therefore, investments you make in your home will surely reap profits when you finally decide to sell.