3 Proven Ways to Increase Store Foot Traffic and Boost Sales

3 Proven Ways to Increase Store Foot Traffic and Boost Sales

In the digital age, many businesses have moved a portion of their sales to e-commerce platforms online. However, there is often still a demand for these brick-and-mortar businesses to also sell their products in person. In some situations and industries, in-person traffic is much better than online traffic, since people can purchase an item or good with more confidence. While great strides have been made in the world of clothing sales online, the fact remains that many people would rather purchase in person than online so that they can try their clothes on in-person. If you’re interested in boosting your sales by increasing foot traffic to your store, here are three surefire solutions to try.

Use geofencing to your advantage

What’s one of the major reasons that so many people have switched to buying items online instead of in-person? Convenience. However, what many people don’t realize is how it can be just as convenient to buy something in-person, especially if they are close to your business already. Geofencing marketing is one way to capture these sorts of leads and engage with customers who are hyper-local. Using geofencing, you can target a customer when they are close to your business by delivering mobile ads to their device. This has applications in a wide range of industries, particularly in the world of automotive sales and furniture stores, as you can attract more customers to your showroom and experience your products in-person.

Consider voicemail drops to communicate sales

A voicemail drop is another worthwhile approach to use when you want to get customers into your business. Unlike a traditional sales call, voicemail drops don’t interrupt a customer’s day, since they are delivered to phones silently. Especially when people are using their phones more than ever, getting a notification of a missed voicemail is a surefire way to reach your audience. From there, you can leave a simple, friendly voicemail inviting them to come in to see what great items you have on sale or to experience your wares in person. If your customer has already opted to receive communications from you, ringless voicemail drops are a legal and effective way to share brief messages with your customers. For a personalized, unobtrusive way to reach your customers, it’s hard to beat ringless voicemail. You can learn more about this unique tech online at straticsnetworks.com.

Send customers a promotional mailer

Contrary to popular opinion, direct mail isn’t dead. In fact, with younger generations and Millenials, promotional mailings can offer a worthwhile ROI for in-person sales. The important consideration when crafting any promotional mailing is how to create a sales message that helps get customers through your doors. At the same time, you must create a message that doesn’t dissuade someone from purchasing if they would rather do their shopping online. One way to structure this sort of message is to create a postcard or brochure with two coupon codes on it. The first coupon code might be something simple like a 10 percent off code or free shipping on an order of fifty dollars or more. The second coupon code would need to be presented in-person at your store but would be a better deal, such as 25 percent off. Customers receiving this sort of mailing will thus be incentivized to purchase in-person for the best possible deal. Best of all, if your sales team is confident and capable of upselling customers in the moment, you won’t even have to worry about offering a steeper discount for in-person visitors.

If you’ve noticed that your retail sales have been flagging even as online purchases stay consistent, it may be because you need to put more effort into attracting customers to visit your business in person. If you try out the above three strategies, you’ll be sure to find success.