5 Things to Consider Before Building a House

5 Things to Consider Before Building a House

Building a house is an exciting achievement that comes with many important decisions. It’s tricky to stay focused on the essential design aspects and avoid going over the top with features. Homeowners need to be prepared to communicate with contractors and make the right decisions at any time during the building process. Here are five things to consider before building a house.

Set a Realistic Budget and Building Plan

Creating a plan is the first step in building a home. Think about how large a house needs to be to accommodate the family size and future expansion. Knowing how much square footage and how many rooms are needed are factors in the building budget.

The construction budget should be built around every last expense detail and include a contingency reserve to cover unforeseen costs during construction. Make sure all finances and building permits are in order and accessible before construction begins.

It’s important to make sure the property is insured before starting construction. AFC Home Club offers the best home protection plans, warranties, and insurance plans. Homeowners can protect their budgets from unanticipated repair bills that come with the breakdown of appliances and home systems. An American first home warranty gives the peace of mind of affordable, comprehensive protection against the unexpected costs of homeownership.

Work With a Reputable Builder

Work with a reputable builder who is a member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Contractors can be found through word of mouth recommendations or personal research.

Hire a contractor with a valid contractor’s license and find out if their construction method is up to date. Take into consideration a contractor’s previous work, their years and type of building experience, their ease of communication, and their ability to stick to deadlines.

Build With Reselling in Mind

Like all investments, build a house with a return in mind. Keep resell potential in mind when building a house. Be conscious of adding upgrades that won’t outprice the home for the neighborhood and avoid going with too unique of a building design.

A custom-built home should reflect the taste and character of the homeowner, but design features also need to appeal to others. Carefully consider all fixtures, colors, finishes, and accents during the designing stage. Knowing the details about how rooms will look after construction will help costs stay within the budget.

Choose the Right Style

Create a house that reflects personality and matches interests. Start with core needs like kitchen layout and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed. Then get creative with the remaining space, so long as the ideas fit within the budget.

Homeowners who entertain often might consider creating an outdoor gathering space, or maybe a dedicated library is perfect for those who collect books and value having a dedicated reading space. Touring show homes, either in person or virtually, is a great way to get design inspiration. Show homes give an idea of how far a budget can stretch and a sense of how different layouts feel.

Go Green

Building a house is a great time to go green and maximize energy-efficient design. A big part of creating an energy-efficient design is ensuring commonly used living spaces are facing the right direction. A contractor can help ensure that windows are facing south to get as much sun heating the house as possible.

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