5 Ways to Fix Up Your Garage

5 Ways to Fix Up Your Garage

Everyone uses their garage differently. Some people treat it like a storage unit while still parking their cars outside. Other homeowners use their garage to conduct basic maintenance like changing the oil and rotating the tires. However you use your garage, make sure you get the most out of it. Here are five ways to fix it up to make it more useful for you and your family.

1. Determine the main purpose of your garage.

Set goals for why you want to fix up your garage. Do you want to create a place for family members to hang out with chairs, a foosball table, and a second refrigerator? Do you want space to house your hobby equipment, like soccer balls or snorkeling gear? These questions will help you plan your remodel.

For example, some people will finish their garages so they have climate control and get WiFi from the house. This creates a second den or family area to hang out in. However, these upgrades aren’t necessary if you just want to treat it like a storage unit.

2. Revamp the flooring.

The first step to improve your garage is to update the flooring. Old garage floors are often stained by unknown automotive chemicals, spilled paint, and other damage from home improvement projects. These garage floors can also crack easily, making them harder to drive over and reducing the value in your home.

Inspect your garage floor to see if it needs to be updated. You may want to invest in concrete coatings to lock out any moisture so you have a durable, long-lasting base to work off of.

3. Declutter your space.

The longer you live in a space, the more cluttered it will likely become. This is only natural as you buy new items and receive gifts from friends and family. Evaluate your garage and see if you need to cut back the clutter. Check for items that you never use (like the roller skates you bought five years ago) and duplicate items that you don’t need multiple of.

One option to reduce clutter is to pay for storage space. This is ideal for seasonal items like snowblowers and pool toys that don’t get used all year. Search for “cheap self storage near me,” to find a unit for some of your seasonal clutter.

4. Build cabinets and shelving units.

Along with storing your items in a storage unit, you can also build storage in your garage. Shelves and cabinets allow you to store items vertically and better organize the stuff you need. For example, you can create a cabinet just for sporting equipment so your kids always know where to look for certain items. This storage also reduces clutter and prevents items from getting dirty or dusty.

5. Clean your garage exterior.

The interior of your garage isn’t the only part you need to worry about. Your garage door can also get dirty over time while the paint can fade or start to chip. Evaluate your garage door and see how it can be improved. Adding a fresh coat of paint can make the whole house look much nicer. Even without painting the door, pressure washing the front can make the color shine.

Additionally, if you haven’t had your garage door looked at recently, call someone to service it. They might be able to replace a few springs and coils to make it work better and increase its longevity.

The choice is yours for how you can update your garage. You can take small steps to clean and organize it over time or spend a few weeks giving it a complete remodel. Whatever you choose, the space should start to feel more like home.