Be Your Own Boss: 5 Tips for Starting Your Own Car Dealership

Be Your Own Boss: 5 Tips for Starting Your Own Car Dealership

Many people in the United States are considering starting a business. Being the boss and being self-employed is ideal for some people for many reasons. Commonly cited aspects of being the boss of oneself that makes such a business venture appealing to most people are the flexibility of the job, the ability to do something enjoyable, being in charge, and being able to create jobs for others.

The landscape of businesses and the workforce in the United States has seen constant reshaping over time that has made self-employment more attainable reality and no longer just an idea. In 2014, Bentley University surveyed 1,031 respondents aged 18 to 34. The survey concluded that starting a business was a likable concept among 66 percent of respondents, working for themselves was likable for 37 percent, and 25 percent liked the prospect of being the owner of a company.

Business owners typically create businesses in an industry in which they have knowledge and experience. For instance, people who start a jewelry business or a clothing retail business might have interests in design and style or may have previously worked in retail. Someone who is interested in cars or has had experience working in car dealerships or repair shops may want to remain in the automotive industry, but take on a more autonomous, executive role. They may be motivated to open a car dealership. In addition to being knowledgeable about cars and the industry, business owners can follow these five tips to ensure their car dealership will be successful.

Have a plan in place

The starting point for any business is the business and financial plan. The future owner of a car dealership should plan and map out specific aspects of how their car dealership will operate. Financing the company should be prioritized. Business owners should already know how they are going to support the opening of their business financially and if they will need financial assistance.

The next thing a business owner should decide is if they will sell new cars, used cars, or both. Will they sell only one brand or multiple brands of vehicles? Auto Auction Mall, for example, has over 200,000 automobiles available for buyers to browse. The site meets its customers’ needs, providing them a selection of the most popular and in-demand vehicles. Knowing what car buyers want and allowing them to choose from cars of various brands, years, models, and colors, ensures that they will pick the car they consider just right for them and will be satisfied with their purchase.

Get properly licensed

Before the car selling can begin, business owners must make sure their business is legitimate and legal, adhering to the Consumer Rights and Safety laws. Business owners must acquire their dealer’s license and a business license that allows them to sell all kinds of vehicles. To maximize how much business they can do, owners should get a dealer’s license that enables unlimited car sales. Licensure and the licensing process varies from state to state, so business owners should make sure they meet the requirements for their location.

Choose the best location

The profitability and sales of car dealerships and businesses of all kinds vary across states. For this reason, business owners have to make the most of their circumstances and community. The ideal location for any business is a visible one. Car dealerships require a lot of land and space and must be visible in their communities. Unobscured dealerships can attract attention. Car dealerships located in areas with large populations can garner more visits and sales.


Car buyers cannot visit a dealership if they do not know it exists. Business owners should spread the word about their dealership and advertise vehicles for sale. Car dealership owners should create a website that informs consumers of automobiles and services they provide. Additionally, having a social media presence allows dealership owners to share the link to their website, share photos of some of the cars offered, and reach many social media users.

Tangible forms of advertisement are incredibly helpful and have not gone out of style. Car dealership owners should use the services of custom printing companies, such as Mines Press, to have promotional items printed that they can have distributed. Promotional items include custom folders, wall calendars, cards, and custom labels and stickers.

Prioritize customer service

Business owners should make their business as customer and consumer-friendly as they can. Excellent customer service is crucial to the performance and success of a business. Making customers feel welcome and valued can improve their car buying experience. Being polite, professional, and respectful while showing customers around the dealership and helping them decide on a car to buy makes a good impression.

Following these tips can prevent a business venture from starting on the wrong foot. Business owners should put the same passion that motivated them to start a business into running their business once it has begun, and operate their car dealership in a positive, professional way that invites customers and increases sales.

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