How to Make Your Vacation Home the Envy of the Island

How to Make Your Vacation Home the Envy of the Island

Purchasing a vacation home is a huge step in anyone’s life. Having the financial security and freedom to take the plunge and buy that bungalow in Honolulu is something to celebrate, and you should make sure the interior of the home matches the level of success you feel from your accomplishments.

If you’re feeling overjoyed that you’ve finally saved up the cash to purchase an island getaway but don’t know where to start in terms of renovations, decorations, and improvements, keep reading for some ideas that will make your new Hawaii house the envy of the island.

Invest in the Luxurious Side of Things

One of the biggest draws for going on vacation at all is that it is a chance to stay in a beautiful or exotic location with luxury amenities. Since your island vacation home is not your primary residence, consider investing more money into luxuries that will make you feel like you’re somewhere special. These could be in the small details of your home, like artisanal soaps in the bathroom and high thread count sheets in the bedroom, or larger luxuries, like installing a rainshower or an infinity pool in the backyard.

Make Sure Everything is in Proper Repair

The last thing you want to deal with when you’re in the beautiful and picturesque Honolulu is having appliance breakdowns or operational issues. When you’ve had a long and sandy day at the shore, you want to be able to toss your swimsuit in the washing machine without worry that a major appliance in your home is in ill repair.

Make sure you call a reputable appliance repair in Hawaii to schedule an appliance repair service before a broken refrigerator, washer, or dryer ruins the rest and relaxation of your vacation. Getting high-quality home service for your GE, Whirlpool, or Kenmore appliance is much easier than you may think and will save you the headaches in the long run.

Make Your Interior Uniquely Yours

While this isn’t your primary residence, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in some personal touches by purchasing paintings from a small artist-run business like Paint Loose. Paint Loose offers watercolors and acrylics alike, while also encouraging you to create your own art to decorate your home with their paint kits. You don’t have to be a trained artist to make beautiful watercolor canvas creations, you can save the hassle of art school and follow video tutorials that will guide you through the art-making process.

Anyone who views your island getaway filled with unique and original canvas paintings will be instantly jealous of your creative interior decorating skills. Anyone can decorate with a neutral palette, but it takes a truly creative and unique soul to use original art and DIY to adorn the walls of a home.

Carve Space for Your Hobbies

When you’re on vacation, it means you have a little more time away from work to invest in your hobbies. Think about what truly sparks joy in your life, be it painting, pottery, tai chi, boxing, or reading, and make sure that you carve out some physical space in your home to keep up your hobby. It has been shown that having and investing in hobbies can improve one’s mental health.

By designating some physical space to work on those things you love to do most, you are also putting work into your mental wellbeing. Come back from your vacation home refreshed, reinvigorated, and with a renewed mental strength by making sure your hobbies have a special place in your island paradise.