Preparing for Your Move to North Carolina: Here’s What You Need to Know Before Moving to the Tarheel State

Preparing for Your Move to North Carolina: Here’s What You Need to Know Before Moving to the Tarheel State

The state of North Carolina has become a popular destination for young professionals, growing families, and retirees. With a great climate, stunning scenery, thriving job market, and the nicest neighbors around, it’s hard to come up with an excuse not to move there. The Atlantic Coast, the Appalachian Mountains, and the Piedmont Region give a variety of culture and outdoor recreation for residents to enjoy year-round. Before preparing for your move to North Carolina, here’s what you need to know before moving to the Tarheel State. 

Cost Of Living 

North Carolina has a vastly lower cost of living than most states due to low rent, affordable housing, and low taxes. The housing market is thriving, with the average age of a house between 10 and 20 years old. The median cost of a house is $167,000 and the median cost of rent is $1,250. 

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Public transportation is available, but most people commute by car. City centers are walkable, but having a car makes living outside of the city easier since the layout is more spread out. It costs just over $2 to ride buses and metro, and taxi cabs are fairly affordable. The state’s larger cities have bike-sharing systems that offer riders an annual membership. 

The Economy 

An impressive education system, booming tech scene, and ample career opportunities make North Carolina one of the best places to live. In the colonial era, The Tar Heel State produced tar for wooden ships, hence the state’s name. Today North Carolina thrives on business and technology industries as well as health and education. 

Research Triangle Park is the largest research park in the United States. The 7,000-acre park is home to science and technology firms, government agencies, startups, and nonprofits. It is associated with the region’s main universities – Duke University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University. 

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The Community 

North Carolina is a great location for people who love to be outdoors and explore their surroundings. When it comes to sports, North Carolinians are die-hard basketball fans. Be prepared to cheer on either the Tar Heels or the Blue Devils, but rivalries are strong. 

Aside from basketball enthusiasm, North Carolina has a few main cultures influenced by the diversity of the western part and eastern part of the state. The Appalachian Mountains lie in the western part of North Carolina and the region is filled with traditional mountain folklife. The eastern side of the state has a more relatable southern vibe like that of neighboring states. 

Regardless of what side of the state one is one, North Carolina is known for classic southern charm, complete with sipping on sweet tea on porches. North Carolinians are proud of their distinctive style of barbeque, so be prepared to explore the famous food scene.