No matter the house, you might find a time to say “goodbye.” This could be because of a new job. Maybe the house isn’t large enough for you to start a family. Or maybe, you’ve grown older and taking care of an entire house has simply become far too much work. For many, this means that it’s time to refinance a mortgage and start looking at the market. However, for a handful of more senior homeowners, you have more to consider if you’re looking to offload your property and scale to something a bit more reasonable. What is refinancing? When it comes to loans and mortgages, refinancing is typically a fancy way of saying “replacing.” Most commonly, this is done when a loan is a bit too risky or expensive. Many times, you’re able to refinance that loan into a better, more agreeable one. It’s a savvy way to acquire…

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Choosing to invest in real estate can be a smart move if it’s done correctly. A lot of mistakes can be made along the way, but real estate is a great way to increase income — but before you invest in real estate, figure out what type of financing you’re interested in. If cash isn’t a viable option, a hard money loan could be the way to go. So let’s talk a bit about what a hard money loan is and why it can be beneficial. What exactly is a hard money loan? A hard money loan is typically defined as a short-term loan that’s used in real estate investments. These loans can be used by anyone interested in making a real estate transaction but because they are often short-term, they are primarily used by investors looking to fix up a house and sell it right away. The terms for…

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For many people, buying a vacation home might seem totally out of reach. You might think this is something only the richest people can afford to do, but actually, many people are able to own a vacation home. Hundreds of thousands of vacation homes are purchased every year, and the median household income for vacation buyers is only $89,900. Purchasing a vacation home is well within your means, but can you use home equity to buy a vacation home? Here’s everything you need to know. How can you get the money for a vacation home? One of the simplest ways to get the money for a vacation home is to use the equity from your current home. By refinancing your home, you’ll be able to afford the vacation home of your dreams. There are many advantages of refinancing for renovation or a vacation home. Refinancing is basically replacing your current…

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Greece… Italy… South America or Spain… options for real estate investments are limitless

Finding the right tenant can be a crucial step as a new investor.

What to know if you’re a beginner investor looking to break into the lucrative world of Real Estate Investing