How to Turn Your Carolina Cabin into a Winter Wonderland

How to Turn Your Carolina Cabin into a Winter Wonderland

For many people living in the United States, the holiday season can be a time of relaxation, celebration, togetherness, and family. Preparing for the holidays usually includes the hustle and bustle of shopping for decorations and gifts. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the average amount of money consumers reported they would spend on holiday shopping in 2018 was expected to be up 4.1 percent from what they approximated they would spend in 2017. 

Research shows that a growing number of consumers do their holiday shopping, in person and online, during Thanksgiving weekend. Black Friday is an especially-busy shopping day. In fact, 60 percent of holiday shoppers begin browsing items and making purchases in November. Holiday shopping is something many Americans look forward to even before the holiday season officially begins. 21 percent of holiday shoppers reported that they plan to start shopping in October, and 18 percent of holiday shoppers reported that their shopping plans begin in September or earlier.

In addition to being a time of increased shopping, the holidays are also a time of increased travel. Many individuals travel during the holidays, embarking on solo travel, or travel with family and friends. In 2018, the U.S. Travel Association research team found that one-third of Americans would travel that holiday season, and that most of the traveling that season would be done by car. Most Americans choosing to travel by car may be associated with the fact that in 2017, most travelers reported that flying has become more frustrating, especially during the Christmas holiday.

Travelers should be mindful that they do not have to travel far to have an enjoyable holiday. To avoid the stress of common issues that arise when flying, such as delayed or cancelled flights, airline fees, lost luggage, long lines at airports, and massive crowds, and to eliminate the problem of losing a reserved hotel room to someone else, travelers can make their own personal holiday out of their own personal property.

Create a Winter Wonderland

McAdenville, North Carolina is affectionately called Christmas Town USA due to its annual festivities during the Christmas holiday. The entire state of North Carolina is a festive place to spend the holidays. Travelers can make the most of spending their holiday in North Carolina by choosing to buy a log home of their own from a selection of beautiful mountain cabins for sale. Ashe County Real Estate specializes in mountain land and log cabins, providing thousands of acres of unspoiled mountain land that can be used for home development. These cabins have uniquely designed interiors, and include large windows that enable cabin owners to take in the aesthetically pleasing view of their location, as well as hardwood, wrap-around decks, and cozy stone fireplaces. The exterior of a log cabin is just as important as the interior. A log cabin on beautiful mountain land is the perfect scenery for a winter wonderland. 

Snow falls in the mountains in North Carolina on a regular basis, so the landscape makes transforming cabin homes into winter wonderlands easy. Snow and frost can be used to decorate the windows of the home. Cabin owners and their families can have fun during the holidays making snowmen out in the yard. To go along with the snowmen, an inflatable Santa Claus and team of reindeer and elves can be put out on the lawn. Decorative candy cane path markers can be used to line the snowy driveway.

Christmas lights are the most important decorative aspect of all. Bright, high-quality lights can make a cabin and snowy yard stick out. Cabin owners can purchase outdoor Christmas lights by Christmas Designers, to trim their home in lights, just as they would trim their Christmas tree with lights indoors. Customers can choose from a variety of LED lights of mini size or larger sizes. These lights come in different colors and color combinations. LED spheres can be carefully hung from trees in the yard and LED snowflakes can be used in outdoor decorations to enhance the winter wonderland look. LED lights of all designs can be strung across cabins, as well as across trees and bushes, and yard decorations. 

Whether cabin owners choose steady lights or twinkling lights that blink on and off for effect, they can be assured that their well-lit cabin will be aesthetically pleasing, and that their winter wonderland will be just as beautiful as their Carolina cabin is comfortable.

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