Simple Decluttering Tips for Memphis Residents

Simple Decluttering Tips for Memphis Residents

All across this nation, people have a problem: Too much stuff. No, this isn’t “affluenza” — or, at least, that isn’t the only problem. You don’t have to be rich to find yourself surrounded by clutter, but even being wealth and owning a big house isn’t a solution: Experts agree that our clutter problem has gotten worse even as American houses have more than doubled in size since the 1950s. Whatever’s behind this, it’s clear that Americans are overwhelmed by their own stuff.

Memphis, Tennessee, is not immune to this problem. While less packed than some other American cities, Memphis has plenty of cozy homes and small apartments (besides, we just talked about how easy it is to get overwhelmed even in larger spaces). That’s why it’s crucial for Memphis residents to know how to better declutter, organize, and store their possessions. Reclaim your space.

Turn records, photos, and more into digital files

If your home has filing cabinets, photo albums, and CDs in it, then you have some preventable sources of clutter in your midst. Get with the times. In this day and age, stuff like this should all be digital.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t keep some things as hard copies. A treasured photo album can feel just right on your coffee table or shelf, and old records and printed books can be nice touches in your decor. But don’t overdo it, because all of this stuff can live on your computer’s hard drive now — or, better yet, on a secure location in the cloud.

Cloud storage means that your files can be made available securely on virtually any internet-connected device. Take cloud photo storage, for instance: If you scan and store your old photos in digital files and then upload them to a cloud storage device, you won’t have to worry about a problem with your home computer wiping out your memories. Cloud storage is safer, more convenient, and causes less clutter than physical copies or even local files on a hard drive.

Create a “landing zone”

Like dirt tracked in on shoes, clutter can sneak into your house when you’re not paying attention — and can be stopped if you pause and leave it at the front door. Put a “landing zone” in the same place that you kick off your shoes as you enter your home. It can be a wall-mounted storage cabinet, a side table, or a key rack with a shelf, among other options. You need to have a place to drop whatever junk you’re coming home with, whether it be your mail, an advertising flyer, or a contact’s business card. Some stuff (like the business card) will find its way to a better location when you come back ready to organize; other items will go to the trash. But none of it will be sorted effectively unless you catch it on the way in.

Use a three-box strategy (or a four-box one)

Decluttering is never easy, but it’s a lot harder when you don’t have a strategy. Which one you adopt is up to you, but make sure you pick one and stick to it. Among the most popular options is the “three-box method,” which involves labeling three boxes “chuck,” keep,” and “move (to a new location).” You may also want a box for “maybes” that you’re not sure yet that you want to part with.

Securing some storage

Space isn’t everything when it comes to decluttering, but square footage does matter. While larger homes may tempt you to acquire more clutter, some basic realities come with living in smaller spaces. You will simply have less room for large and seldom-used objects like boxes of Christmas ornaments, seasonal clothing, and equipment you need for hobbies and trips.

That’s why it makes sense to go out and grab some cheap self storage in Memphis. Some highly affordable local units can meet your storage units effectively and conveniently. Just pop over to the unit when you need your stuff; in the meantime, enjoy the extra space in your apartment or home.

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