For many people living in the United States, the holiday season can be a time of relaxation, celebration, togetherness, and family. Preparing for the holidays usually includes the hustle and bustle of shopping for decorations and gifts. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the average amount of money consumers reported they would spend on holiday shopping in 2018 was expected to be up 4.1 percent from what they approximated they would spend in 2017.  Research shows that a growing number of consumers do their holiday shopping, in person and online, during Thanksgiving weekend. Black Friday is an especially-busy shopping day. In fact, 60 percent of holiday shoppers begin browsing items and making purchases in November. Holiday shopping is something many Americans look forward to even before the holiday season officially begins. 21 percent of holiday shoppers reported that they plan to start shopping in October, and 18 percent of…

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All across this nation, people have a problem: Too much stuff. No, this isn’t “affluenza” — or, at least, that isn’t the only problem. You don’t have to be rich to find yourself surrounded by clutter, but even being wealth and owning a big house isn’t a solution: Experts agree that our clutter problem has gotten worse even as American houses have more than doubled in size since the 1950s. Whatever’s behind this, it’s clear that Americans are overwhelmed by their own stuff. Memphis, Tennessee, is not immune to this problem. While less packed than some other American cities, Memphis has plenty of cozy homes and small apartments (besides, we just talked about how easy it is to get overwhelmed even in larger spaces). That’s why it’s crucial for Memphis residents to know how to better declutter, organize, and store their possessions. Reclaim your space. Turn records, photos, and more…

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Greece… Italy… South America or Spain… options for real estate investments are limitless

Finding the right tenant can be a crucial step as a new investor.

What to know if you’re a beginner investor looking to break into the lucrative world of Real Estate Investing